June 2, 2011


The light you work by in large organizational holding scenarios comes through the application of strategic vision.

Weak vision causes dim and dangerous conditions.

Calibrating organizational vision is a subtle matter; carrying out the change agency needed to parlay the renewal to the totality of entity bodies involves comprehensive logistics.  It is lonely at the top anyway – but when you are scanning vistas no one around you can perceive & interpret meaningfully, that isolation can become a source of dangerous, off-target management directives.


It can help to get an eagle eye’s perspective while talking views over with a talented navigator.

CONFIDENTIAL VISION-TUNE service by SkyRim Holdings Advisors

There are relatively few pilots who have advanced fighter jet handling skills.  Similarly, the kind of assistance you would most benefit from is not hanging around on most street corners.

The leader’s capacity for vision is a very high-tech apparatus; only God can invent such creations.  Tuning organizational leadership vision is a process involving a vast array of variables – and one of the most important of these elements is maintaining a grounded and down to Earth decency and common sense.


Understanding hydraulics causes many comprehension benefits.  Influence permeates organizations like osmosis and executive authority can move like waves.  Still, electricity must run to ground and finally ground means dirt – good old fashioned nitty-gritty Earth soil.  Light of vision has electric properties that only properly settle into a masterfully blended agenda of operating reality through a peaceful ground matrix.


Vacationing to recharge one’s batteries of peace & quiet is essential but doesn’t work effectively unless there is peace of mind built-in to the vision strategy.  How is this accomplished?

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